Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Link to Wedding Photos

I absolutely LOVE our wedding photographer. She did such a great job. and I also want to give a shout out to photoshop, who keeps my skin looking amazingly porcelain. Check out the photos on Kate Benson's blog: As of now, we're the first ones that pop up but in case that changes soon, you can just scroll down to us. love you all!!!


Lindsey said...

Those are amazing pictures! Happy 1st "month-iversary" tomorrow:)
Lindsey (Brian's cousin)

a.k.a. Suga Jones said...

Those pictures are beautiful. You two should be models. You are a great looking couple and I'm glad to see that you had so much fun on your special day. :-)

Lindsey Sharp said...

Hey Ali! Congrats on the wedding! Send me your email to and I can send you an invite to my blog! Hope your doing well!
Love, Lindsey (cram) Sharp