Wednesday, January 9, 2008


(Krista Davis & I at the ward Christmas party. Don't you love the couple in the background? Does that scream awkward stake dance to anyone else?)

I do love a good December - jam-packed with holiday spirit, Christmas music, hot chocolate, sitting by the fire, pajamas all day long and guilt-free gluttonous eating. This year I also added 3 formal Christmas dances (aka 3 excuses to borrow Kate's prom dresses), a golf tournament, 2 trips to Newport Beach, Christmas in Pittsburgh & New Years in Denver.
(Ignore how ridiculous I look... don't you love our matching outfits! It looks like we're going to Prom.)

There may be some of you that are still hung up on the golf tournament thing... so for those of you thinking... "Ali doesn't play golf!" You would be correct. And that's exactly what I said when I was asked to play.
Not only do I not play but I've only been to the driving range once. But I was repeatedly told that it didn't matter and, in a moment of weakness, gave in to the idea. I was feeling so inadequate that I bought an argyle shirt in hopes that it would magically transform me into Annika Sorenstam. Shockingly that didn't do that trick. However despite my complete lack of skill, I managed to par one hole and hit the green on 2. I was pretty proud.

Christmas was better than ever this year and I'm having the hardest time verbalizing why. The whole family spent the entire time together - playing games and hanging out. We did everything as a group. I almost wish I were kidding when I say "we" (read "I") spent the entire vacation in pajamas. We played speed scrabble until I was permanently formed to the chair. We watched countless hours of old Friends episodes. We settled Catan to our little hearts' content. We all got to feel baby Sean kicking and stretching like crazy in adorable Lindsay's tummy. The poor kid doesn't have much room in there these days. And best of all, we talked to E. He's such a stud.
(How happy is my cute mother!!! Another round of scrabble?!?!?!?!? YES PLEASE!!!)

(I told you she was adorable! 5 weeks and counting!!!)

(Those would be my pajamas. And those would be scrabble tiles. Any my dad would be...ducking to make sure he's in the timer picture?? I think you made it pops.) =)

For New Years, it was off to Littleton to meet the rest of the Babcock crew. Lucky, lucky me. Jan cooked up a storm and let me tell you - she's a force to be reckoned with. From midnight until 1am, Tom showed us a sweet documentary on Zions National Park that I have to admit I was into. (Don't worry, we balanced it out with a lot of football bowl games.) Mike & Kelly and the sweetest, most adorable, and energetic 3 kids I've ever met had me laughing like crazy. Madison loved speed scrabble, as long as her team was winning, Carter showed us his video gamer moves, as long as Brian was there to cheer him on, and Brookie the Wookie just wanted a blue tongue.

Still craving my time there and wish we all could have stayed for just a little longer, For Pete Sakes!

(Happy New Year!! Kissy kissy!)(How pretty is Colorado?? Not bad. As you've probably guessed - we took a jumping picture here but I'll spare you this time.)