Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Made of Stone?

So apparently I'm made of stone. At least that's what I've been told when people hear I didn't cry when Brian proposed. I was so excited it didn't even cross my mind to cry! But the "made of stone" comment has prompted me to post this picture which was taken in December at Gladstone's, my favorite restaurant, where Brian broached the topic of marriage for the first time, asked for my ring size, and I cried some very happy tears... or at least I let them float around in my eyes for a while before blinking them away... Enjoy. =)

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Karene said...

I'm not a crier either. I get the same accusation all the time, especially on my mission.

"Aren't you sad to leave the area?"
"They why aren't you crying? You must not be that sad"

I blame it on faulty tear ducts. The point is, I know you were happy and you don't have a heart of stone for not crying.